Cyanobacteria services from Sentinel-3 go live!

As of March 2016, we have begun operational processing and serving data from the Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI).

The Earth Observation National Eutrophication Monitoring Programme (EONEMP) service provides information on the health risk from cyanobacteria and nutrient pollution in 100+ South African water bodies.

Click here to view the live website.

This means that for the first time since April 2012, when the MERIS satellite unexpectedly stopped working, we are able to get near real-time data on cyanobacteria and nutrient pollution from space! These are some of the first images from Sentinel-3 from South Africa’s water bodies.

Theewaterskloof Dam from Sentinel-3 on 3 March 2017

Vaal Dam from Sentinel-3 on 19th February 2017

Sentinel-3 data first became publicly available in October 2016. We will back process this data and populate the website from October 2016 gradually. The service is currently in experimental mode, so please bear with us as we identify and correct any bugs along the way. Please let us know of any difficulties you encounter on the site.