CyanoLakes is the winner of the Copernicus Masters Ideas Challenge, a worldwide competition for novel earth observation business ideas. We are established in Australia and South Africa, and service customers all around the world. Our technology is based on cutting-edge research and development and peer-review science that enables cyanobacteria (a toxin producing bacterium present increasingly in the world’s lakes and reservoirs) to be distinguished from other algal blooms using satellite imagery.


 We deliver actionable information in near real-time to water professionals through our enterprise web app to enhance operations and decision-making, and critical weather-like information via our iOS and Android mobile applications, keeping the public safe and informed. Our vision is to enhance the protection of public health by providing near real-time information using free and open satellite remote sensing data.


We are grateful to those who have helped us along our journey: our research and development funders, early-adopters, and piloteers. You can look us up on the Isle Technology Approval Group (TAG), or the Water Research Foundation’s (WERF) TechLink. But most of all, download the App, give it a go, and tell your friends.



Values equal value. Our values guide the services and products we deliver to our clients.


Public data, public access


Open, excellent science


Information, not just imagery


Customer-driven development


Customer service excellence


Reproducibility, truthfulness


Collaborative relationships




Mark Matthews


PhD in bio-optical remote sensing


Mark Matthews is a dual Australian and South African citizen and a specialist in the detection of cyanobacteria from space. He has a PhD in bio-optical remote sensing from the University of Cape Town (2014). You can view his list of publications here, and his LinkedIn profile here.

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