The CyanoLakes Web Application


Monitor cyanobacteria, algae and weeds from your desktop in near real time


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Cyanobacteria health risk levels based on WHO guidelines


Cyanobacteria health risk and water pollution levels based on international standards and guidelines* with notifications and alerts via email


*consistent with US EPA and other international guidelines

Interactive satellite maps for chlorophyll-a, cyanobacteria, vegetation and more…


High and medium resolution satellite-derived maps providing daily updates for any site around the globe*


*Depends on cloud, ice and snow cover, varies seasonally.

Alerts and Updates


Near real-time alerts for blooms and weekly digests sent via email.

Mobile Application


Install the mobile app to receive high resolution satellite imagery and alerts on the go



Optionally purchase a report comparing your in situ data* with that from satellite for added quality assurance


* Customer to provide in situ data

Historical data


Optionally purchase historical data (from 2016 onwards) to investigate long-term trends

Charts and time series tools


See your waterbodies in an entirely new way by exploring events and tracking changes over time



Generate customized reports summarising the status of your waterbodies for a date range

Automated data download and integration


Automatically download and integrate statistics and maps into your own apps and databases for analysis and monitoring

Guaranteed uptime, training and support


Guaranteed uptime, support and training material for your team

Open-source, peer-reviewed and independently-validated algorithm


Independently validated algorithm that discriminates between cyanobacteria and algae with more than 300 citations* in peer review literature


 * as reported by Google scholar

Comparison with alternatives



CyAN Mobile App (EPA)**


Competitor 1**


Competitor 2**


Separates cyanobacteria from algae
Cyanobacteria health risk levels
Trophic levels
Cyanobacteria cell counts
Email alerts
Mobile App  ✓
Status reports
Cyanobacteria, vegetation & chl-a maps
Phycocyanin maps*
High resolution imagery (10 m)  ✓  ✓
API automated downloads
Open source algorithm


* why don’t we supply phycocyanin maps?

** Correct at time of publication. Competitors not disclosed due to national regulations.