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    • Intelligent dashboard
    • Charts & time series tools
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    • My-data tool (upload your data)³
    • Mobile application (imagery & notifications)
    • Validation tool (compare your data)³
    • Medium resolution imagery (300 m)
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    • Up to 6 years historical data²
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    • Unlimited number of waterbodies¹

¹ Price is determined by the number of waterbodies.

² Includes 6-months historical data – up to 6 years available for purchase.

³ Customer to supply in situ data.

* Pricing differs regionally – US pricing shown.


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Cyanobacteria blooms significantly increase operational risk by increasing water treatment costs and pose a serious human health threat. You can significantly reduce risk from cyanobacteria blooms in raw water sources with near real-time spatial information.


Monitoring remote and large water bodies is logistically challenging, time consuming and expensive. Lab samples take days or weeks to process, and it’s easy to miss events in large reservoirs sampled weekly or monthly. Real-time instruments deployed in lakes are easily lost or vandalised, and drones can be lost and pose a fire hazard.


CyanoLakes offers the first service based entirely on satellite remote sensing that significantly improves your knowledge or your raw water sources, enabling you to effectively respond to the risk posed by cyanobacteria blooms. No expensive instruments, no ground data required. Save costs and more effectively deploy your limited monitoring resources.


Here are three reasons why we think you should use CyanoLakes:

1. Reduce risks from cyanobacteria blooms in your waterbodies

2. Supplement your existing chlorophyll-a and other measurements in near real-time

3. Protect the public with recreational advisories



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  • Enhance routine monitoring and reporting
  • Achieve compliance with monitoring legislation
  • Reduce long-term monitoring costs
  • Prevent, detect and manage health risks
  • Improve decision making
  • Improve strategies to manage health risks
  • Improve the health and safety of recreational water users