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Join our exclusive pilot program for utilities!

What is the utility pilot program?


The utility pilot program enables utility companies to pilot the CyanoLakes Enterprise Application in their operational environment in a risk-free and cost effective manner, without the need for long contracts. Access exclusive discounts, benefits and support by joining our utility pilot program. You’re in good company!


How does it work?


The Utility Pilot Program is open to Utility companies who want to begin integrating satellite monitoring into their operational catchment management plans or monitoring programs. The program provides the opportunity to pilot for selected waterbodies in your catchment for a limited duration (6 months minimum) while undertaking validation to ensure quality control. It also presents the opportunity to share experiences with other utility companies who are participating in the pilot program.


How can my utility participate?


Simply fill in the form below and we will forward you the details of how you can participate in the pilot program.