We help water utilities monitor toxin-producing cyanobacteria blooms in their source waters enabling them to use their limited resources more efficiently and become more responsive



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We know it can be hard to trust the accuracy of satellite remotely sensed information. Want you to have complete confidence in our product. Our product performance reports (included in Pro or sold seperately) provide complete assurance by comparing your chlorophyll-a and phytoplankton cell count data against our estimates from satellite. If we can’t supply you with accurate information, we’ll give you your money back.


Our product guarantee


We do original research and publish our algorithms and results openly for scrutiny and use by the wider scientific community. This ensures that you get the latest and best technology that is independently peer-reviewed by the scientific community, ensuring truthfulness and reproducibility. Our technology has already been used by many academics, scientists, researchers,  students and lecturers in commercial and research projects around the world.


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Our online training seminars and technical support will ensure you and your team get the most out of the product.




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Choose from the following optional add-ons. Sold separately.


Annual Status Report 


Report summarising the state of your waterbodies(s) with regards to cyanobacteria blooms and eutrophication over a year.


Product Performance Report


Comparison between your in situ data (chlorophyll-a and phytoplankton counts) and that estimated from satellite by the CyanoLakes service. (Included in Pro)


Retrospective information


Populate your service with retrospective (historical) data between 2002 and 2012, and from 2016 onwards.


High resolution colour imagery


Supplement your service with high resolution colour imagery layers at 10 and 30 m spatial resolution.

Customised user experience

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Enjoy a customised product experience with our pro package:

  • Choose from a selection of variables to display on charts and summary maps and tables
  • Choose your own risk level thresholds based on your national or state guidelines
  • Choose your own trophic status thresholds based on your national or state guidelines

Product features

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The following product features are standard with all packages:

  • Risk levels for cyanobacteria blooms based on World Health Organization and EPA recreational guidelines
  • Nutrient pollution (trophic status) levels based on OECD classification guidelines
  • Advisories for recreational water use based on international recreational water use guidelines
  • Interactive online mapping and data analysis (including time series) tools
  • API enabling seamless automated integration of data into the customers database or existing applications (Pro only)

Why use CyanoLakes?

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Cyanobacteria blooms significantly increase operational risk by increasing water treatment costs and pose a serious human health threat. You can significantly reduce risk from cyanobacteria blooms in raw water sources with near real-time spatial information.


Monitoring remote and large water bodies is logistically challenging, time consuming and expensive. Lab samples take days or weeks to process, and it’s easy to miss events in large reservoirs sampled weekly or monthly. Real-time instruments deployed in lakes are easily lost or vandalised, and drones can be lost and pose a fire hazard.


CyanoLakes offers the first service based entirely on satellite remote sensing that significantly improves your knowledge or your raw water sources, enabling you to effectively respond to the risk posed by cyanobacteria blooms. No expensive instruments, no ground data required. Save costs and more effectively deploy your limited monitoring resources.


Here are three reasons why we think you should use CyanoLakes:

1. Reduce risks from cyanobacteria blooms in your waterbodies

2. Supplement your existing chlorophyll-a and other measurements in near real-time

3. Protect the public with recreational advisories



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  • Enhance routine monitoring and reporting
  • Achieve compliance with monitoring legislation
  • Reduce long-term monitoring costs
  • Prevent, detect and manage health risks
  • Improve decision making
  • Improve strategies to manage health risks
  • Improve the health and safety of recreational water users

Terms of service

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Service availability


CyanoLakes services are based on satellite remotely sensed data. Satellite coverage and monitoring is dependent on snow cover, cloud cover and water body size (among other things). The latency (delivery time) and availability of data may be interrupted from time to time through scheduled maintenance or unexpected interruptions of satellite transmission. While CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd warrants to provide you with excellent customer support and service, service interruptions may occur due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. The customer indemnifies and holds CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd and its employees harmless against any loss or damages that may result from service interruption.


Data policy


The customer will become the owner of the data downloaded via the API with full rights to its use. The API will be for exclusive use by the paying client and its authorized representatives.


Terms and Conditions


CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd. is not liable for any loss or damages resulting from decisions made on the basis of the information it provides. All information should be considered preliminary until verified by field measurements. Prices are provided for reference only, and are subject to change without notice. Prices are conditional upon customer assessment. E&OE.