Monitor and respond to problem cyanobacteria, algae and weeds in lakes and seas from your desktop in near real-time.


Cyanobacteria blooms pose a serious health threat to humans and animals and are increasingly globally due to pollution and warming climates. Eutrophication has devastating impacts on natural ecosystems and increases the cost of water treatment.


Monitoring remote and large water bodies is logistically challenging, time consuming and expensive. Responding in a meaningful time-frame to events which pose a risk to human health is almost impossible given the slow turn around time of samples analysed in laboratories, and limited monitoring resources. The problem is gone before you know about it. Given the large area of some lakes and seas it’s also easy to miss problem blooms that pose a serious threat.


CyanoLakes offers an online monitoring and mapping service based on satellite remote sensing designed by leading specialist scientists for water and health authorities, water utilities and aquaculture operators. It significantly improves your organizations ability to monitor, respond to, and manage problem cyanobacteria, algal blooms and water weeds in both fresh and salt waters.


Here are three reasons why we think you should use CyanoLakes:


  • Seamlessly integrate estimates of chlorophyll-a and cyanobacteria into your monitoring database and existing applications in near real-time using our API – we validate satellite estimates against in situ data free of charge.
  • Get summarized health risk levels for cyanobacteria blooms based on World Health Organization guidelines, and nutrient pollution levels based on standard trophic status thresholds, for an unlimited number and area of water bodies, all viewable on an interactive online map.
  • Keep the general public informed of health risks with our recommendations for full and partial-contact recreational water sports based on international safe water use guidelines



Pricing and features

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Service Agreements


The Service is offered on a monthly subscription basis, with minimum duration of 6 months. Our service includes customer support and training, customization, and validation. We also offer 4-month demonstrations that do not include support or extra services.


Pricing is scaled dependent upon the number and total area of water bodies to be monitored. Pricing will exclude VAT where applicable. Please contact us for a pricing and further details.




CyanoLakes monitoring service comes with the following features:


  • An Application Programming Interface (API) providing seamless automated integration of data into the customers database or existing applications
  • Interactive online mapping and data analysis (including time series) tools
  • Alert levels for cyanobacteria blooms based on World Health Organization standards for drinking water
  • Human health risk warnings for cyanobacteria blooms based on World Health Organisation guidelines
  • Nutrient pollution (trophic status) levels based on internationally accepted classification guidelines
  • Recommendations for safe recreational use based on international recreational water use guidelines
  • Comparison between satellite and in situ measurements (validation) is free of charge using the customers in situ measurement records
  • Public open-access to selected information in the interest of the protection of public health. It’s our way of giving back.

Interested? Send us an enquiry using our online form.


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Seasonal and annual reports


We are able to provide seasonal and annual reports revealing the status and trend of cyanobacteria blooms and eutrophication in your water bodies, as well as other statistical reports.


Retrospective information


We are able to provide retrospective information and analysis going back to 2002.

Customer benefits

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  • Enhance routine monitoring and reporting
  • Achieve compliance with monitoring legislation
  • Reduce long-term monitoring costs
  • Prevent, detect and manage health risks
  • Improve decision making
  • Improve strategies to manage health risks
  • Improve the health and safety of recreational water users

Terms of service

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Service availability


CyanoLakes services are based on satellite remotely sensed data. Satellite coverage and monitoring is dependent on snow cover, cloud cover and water body size (among other things). The latency (delivery time) and availability of data may be interrupted from time to time through scheduled maintenance or unexpected interruptions of satellite transmission. While CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd warrants to provide you with excellent customer support and service, service interruptions may occur due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. The customer indemnifies and holds CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd and its employees harmless against any loss or damages that may result from service interruption.


Data policy


The customer will become the owner of the data downloaded via the API with full rights to its use. The API will be for exclusive use by the paying client and its authorized representatives.


Terms and Conditions


CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd. is not liable for any loss or damages resulting from decisions made on the basis of the information it provides. All information should be considered preliminary until verified by field measurements. Prices are provided for reference only, and are subject to change without notice. Prices are conditional upon customer assessment. E&OE.