Our special gift to you!


In celebration of our first product launch, CyanoLakes is offering a free three-month demonstration to clients anywhere in the world!

This is how it works:

1. Send an inquiry via the order form indicating you want to take up the free demonstration offer. Tell us a little bit about yourself or your company and why you want the demo. Read the terms and conditions below.

2. The free demo includes a maximum of 3 water bodies, depending on their size, and can be anywhere on earth.

3. We set up the demo and you can begin to enjoy free service for three months. The demonstration will include a three-month subscription to the advanced-monitor open plan.

What you have to do to qualify:

Agree to promote CyanoLakes and your demonstration service via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and in your organization / country / region. That's it!

At the end of the three months the demonstration will be discontinued. You can then decide whether you want to subscribe to the service. There is no obligation to sign up!

Terms and Conditions


The free demonstration promotion is a limited-time offer to customers on a first come, first serve basis.

CyanoLakes reserves the right to not provide the free demonstration service conditional upon an assessment of the client.

CyanoLakes reserves the right to cancel its free demonstration service offered to the client at any time without notice or explanation.

CyanoLakes does not warranty the free demonstration subscription for any use, nor does it guarantee up-time or latency.

The client acknowledges that this is a limited-time offer, and that the free service will expire after a period of three months.