RealTime is CyanoLakes' subscription-based monitoring service.


RealTime is a tool for authorities and private utilities to significantly improve their monitoring capabilities for cyanobacteria and algal blooms in their raw water sources.

RealTime will significantly improve your organisation's ability to monitor, manage and mitigate eutrophication, effluent pollution and health risks from cyanobacteria blooms.

RealTime provides a near-constant, daily information stream that can be integrated into your routine monitoring database, to supplement current data and fill information gaps.

Our open plans (see below) will allow the general public to make informed decisions when undertaking recreational activities.  This will significantly reduce the risk posed by cyanobacteria blooms to human health in your region.

RealTime is available anywhere on earth so enquire now, what are you waiting for?

Our overall mission is making your water safer!


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How to order


Ordering is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Select your water bodies - tell us where you want the service.

2. Select your subscription plan - choose from the three options below depending on your needs.

3. Select your customization options - let us know if you want anything special.

That's it! Use the order form to place your order now! What are you waiting for?


Subscription plans

Choose from one of the following three subscription plans:

Basic-monitor plan
The basic-monitor plan consists of the CyanoLakes RealTime web application providing the following information:

- Health risk levels (low to high) from cyanobacteria blooms

- Nutrient pollution levels (low to high).

This is the least expensive plan providing only the most pertinent information.
Advanced-monitor plan

The advanced-monitor plan consists includes everything in the basic-monitor plan plus a customized CyanoLakes RealTime online mapping service providing the following map layers:

- Cyanobacteria blooms

- Cyanobacteria blooms posing a high health risk

- Chlorophyll-a concentration

- Floating aquatic vegetation.

The advanced-monitor plan provides highly detailed views of high-risk areas and cyanobacteria and algal blooms, allowing comprehensive monitoring of problem water bodies.


The manager-plan offers everything in the advanced-monitor plan plus the CyanoLakes RealTime API that provides private dedicated access to the following data streams per water body:

- Chlorophyll-a concentration estimates

- Cyanobacteria cell count estimates

- Cyanobacteria and algal bloom estimates

- Other customized water quality variables

The manager-plan is for companies or governments wanting the information integrated into their monitoring databases to enhance decision making in near real-time. You will work with our team to ensure smooth integration of the information into your database through our closed-access API. 

How will I be billed?


Subscriptions are for 3-month or 12-months periods (you will be billed monthly).

For 12-month subscription plans paid for up-front you get one month free.

If you cancel before the end of the first three months, you will be billed for three months service. This is to cover the cost we incur to set up and customize the service to your needs.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing subscriptions - at - We don't want you to be locked into anything you don't want to be in!

The monthly subscription fee is determined by:


    1. The number and total area of water bodies

    2. The plan you select

    3. Customization options  (we provide highly customized solutions, contact us for details!)


The following is an example of pricing for a service including 20 water bodies with a total surface area of less than 3000 km²:

Basic-monitor plan
$2000 per month

$22 000 per year if paid up-front
Advanced-monitor plan
$3000 per month

$33 000 per year if paid up-front
$4000 per month

$44 000 per year if paid up-front

*Prices exclude customization options and VAT. To learn about our customization options please contact us.

Have 1000s of lakes that need monitoring? No problem. We provide customized solutions for those problems. Let us know what you need and we will do our utmost to meet your requirement! 

Public plans


Public plans reflect our core-value that value-added information should be made open in the interest of the public. Its our way of giving back and saving the planet!

For a small extra fee, the service can be configured to provide recommendations for full-contact and partial-contact recreational activities, and made open to the public. 

This keeps the general public informed about health risks from cyanobacteria blooms and nutrient pollution. Our goal is to protect the health of fisherman, boaters, swimmers, yachters, canoeists, etc.

The basic- and advanced-monitor plans are available as public plans. 

The following is an example pricing for a service including 20 water bodies with a total surface area of less than 3000 km²:

Public Basic-monitor plan

$2 500 per month

$27 500 per year if paid up-front

Public Advanced-monitor plan

$3 500 per month

$38 500 per year if paid up-front

Customization options


Additional products

Interested in variables other than chlorophyll-a, floating vegetation and cyanobacteria?

We also have algorithms for water clarity, total suspended solid matter concentration, and organic color (dissolved organic matter). Choose from these additional product variables:

* Total suspended matter - the concentration of organic and inorganic suspended matter

* Water clarity estimates via Secchi Disk depth - the depth of penetration of light in the water

* Organic color - dissolved organic matter (humic and fulvic acids)



Want to be extra sure our products are accurate? For a minimal extra charge. CyanoLakes will perform validation with your existing dataset to ensure that satellite estimates are calibrated and fully-accurate for your water bodies or region. This allows us to tune our algorithms to ensure they work in your environment, and provide additional uncertainty and quality estimates for your peace of mind!


Historical information

Do you want retrospective information for your water bodies? We can provide information going back to 2002. Just let us know and we'll get it done.


Seasonal and annual reports

Do you want seasonal or annual reports for your water bodies? For a small additional fee we provide annual and seasonal reports providing an analysis of the status and trends in your water bodies. Just let us know what you need.

More information


Service availability

RealTime services are based on satellite remotely sensed data. Satellite coverage and monitoring is dependent on snow cover, cloud cover and water body size (among other things). The latency (delivery time) and availability of data may be interrupted from time to time through scheduled maintenance or unexpected interruptions of satellite transmission. You will only be charged for the services you actually receive.


Data policy

CyanoLakes' data policy ensures that you get what you pay for. For Manager plans, you will own the data that you download and integrate into your database via the API. It's yours to use, forever, however you want. For other plans, the information is only available when your subscription is active. 


Terms and Conditions

CyanoLakes (Pty) Ltd. is not liable for any loss or damages resulting from decisions made on the basis of the information it provides. All information should be considered preliminary until verified by field measurements. Prices are provided for reference only, and are subject to change without notice. Prices are conditional upon customer assessment. E&OE.

Coming soon!


We are constantly developing and improving our product offering. We will be launching some exciting product enhancements and improvements that will be made available to all existing customers.

We don't want to make promises we can't keep, but we can promise that it's going to be awesome.


Enhance routine monitoring and reporting
Achieve compliance with monitoring legislation
Reduce long-term monitoring costs
Prevent, detect and manage health risks
Improve decision making
Improve strategies to manage health risks
Improve the health and safety of users